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“Tim is an energetic facilitator who pulls in the participants for an active discussion of what we have all read and learned.”

-Lisa D

Assistant Director

Disability Claims

“The 'Everyone Communicates, Few Connect' Mastermind was a great resource to me both personally and professionally.  Through warmth and wit, Tim Gaynor excels in facilitating a space that leads itself to connecting right from the start.  I have gained immeasurable insight in how to adjust my own actions and perspective in order to enhance my connections with those around me and build impactful relationships.”

-Eleanor H: Assistant Life & Disability Claim Analyst

Principal Financial Group

"I can’t say enough about the mastermind group focused on the 15 Laws of Growth.  It has helped me to get to know those who attended (my coworkers) in a completely different arena, as well as myself.  Through the course I have been challenged to open my mind and think deeply about who I am, who I want to be, and where do I want to go.  Then move forward from thinking, to doing.  I would highly recommend this group lead by Tim Gaynor!"

-Leah B

"The Intentional Living Mastermind is by far one of the greatest discoveries, it launched me on a path of accomplishments that will place me in a better financial bracket, as well as fully filling my desires in life to help others."

-Edward R

"I entered the Mastermind course hoping to get some guidance on how to develop myself professionally.  Throughout the course I was able to blend concepts and information from the book along with information from the facilitator to develop an action plan in order to work towards my professional goals. I would highly recommend this course and the facilitator, as they have both served as a positive resource to get me closer to my

professional goals."

-Zach M

“I worked with Tim in 2016 for 6 months through the John Maxwell coaching program. I had been looking for a coach for some time to challenge and hold me accountable to my personal, spiritual, business and family goals. Through Tim's coaching, I was able to sort through these goals and spend time not just realizing what areas I needed to focus on, but also what items I needed to say no to in my already busy life. Tim's ability to ask deep questions, recommend the right books/articles, and active listening was the right mix of mentoring to help me realize the different ways God has equipped and called me in my life. I would recommend any of you that are looking for greater insight and clarity in life to reach out to Tim to help you on this journey.”

-Aaron B: VP Financial Architects

“I feel like this course has really opened my eyes to a whole new world or communicating and connecting. I am an introvert and really struggle with the day to day communications that are expected of me, but this course has given me ways interact and build the relationships I have with family, friends, and peers. On a ranking scale of 1-10, 1 being highly unlikely and 10 being highly likely, I would give this book/course a 10!”

-Amanda P  

Customer Care Specialist

Principal Financial Group

“I always have an amazing experience in the Mastermind courses. It doesn’t only help me professionally, but also personally. I’ve taken two so far and feel I’ve come such a long way- the biggest thing for me is that I’m much more proactive about my life and my goals. I cannot say enough good things about these courses. The structure is great- Tim leads in such a way that keeps everyone involved and interested. The books are a great reference to have. I find myself always going back to the books- and even the handouts- if I find myself struggling- it always puts me back on track. I HIGHLY recommend these courses!”

-Stacy K

"My colleagues and I had the opportunity to partner with Tim over the course of several weeks to work through the Intentional Living Mastermind workshop series. At first, I was worried that I wouldn't have much to contribute, as I wasn't sure I had truly been living an intentional life. However, Tim's facilitation style was conducive to open discussions and flexible conversations. He walked us through John C. Maxwell's book, "Intentional Living," and led discussions based on purposeful questions and targeted topics. Each week, we left with manageable action items that helped us understand the type of life we want to live, the direction we want to head, and how to achieve great things. The content of the book and discussions was applicable and useful for personal as well as professional situations. I gained so much from Tim's workshops. Now, every day I think about how I can live more intentionally; how to make sure my plate doesn't overflow, how to dedicate my time where I can make a difference, and how I can help others throughout my life. I highly recommend Tim to work with your group to explore the world of intentional living. The workshops include strategies to help you understand who you are and how you want to make a difference in this life."  Cindy S MBA: Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations

“The Mastermind course opened my eyes to the critical factors of making connections and the importance, not only to me, but to the person(s) I am communicating with. The course helped me to understand what those factors are, why they are important and most importantly some great tips on how to implement changes in my communication style. The course material is well written and an enjoyable read. The duration and breakdown of the course content over several weeks was manageable. Tim is a dynamic facilitator, tells great stories and knows the subject matter well.”  

-Paula O

Sr Product Portfolio Consultant

“The Intentional Living book and class has been hugely impactful to my life.  It set the framework for me to move from thinking and dreaming to doing.  It made me truly consider what is important to me, how I bring value, and how these can work together to allow me to make a difference and have a life of significance.” Sheila G - Assistant Director Learning and Development

"Tim led an Intentional Living course at Grand View University. He effectively facilitated discussion, and encouraged each participant to take risks when thinking about how we each wanted to live a purposeful life. Tim's demeanor was non-threatening, and allowed all participants to feel at ease throughout the course. I would highly recommend Tim for your next professional development program with any of John Maxwell's materials."

-Laine B 

Digital Communications Expert

“Tim takes the information in the book and applies this to everyday living making it is easy to understand.  He is very knowledgeable and motivating in the group discussions. He is encouraging as you work through looking at your life and challenges that each person has faced.  I would recommend the mastermind to others that are interesting in self-improvement and personal growth.”

-Holli D RN

“Tim provided an safe, judgment-free zone to allow us to share our stories and thoughts. What I have learned can definitely be utilized in my personal and career development. I’m ready for the next Mastermind!”

-Yolanda B

 “Tim gave a group coaching session with my sales team and the discussion got to the heart of why we do what we do and that's what people ultimately buy, not the service or product alone. Tim was honest, authentic and relate-able as he engaged some storytelling with the group and had the power to put everyone at ease to foster positive discussions.” Cheryl B – VP Branch Manager

“I highly recommend taking the course "Intentional Living". Tim Gaynor is a certified John Maxwell coach and does an excellent job of leading and helping to develop each individual to his/her growth capacity.  Our discussions were challenging, thought provoking and revealing. I am so grateful for having taken the time to better understand my real purpose ... it was time well spent!” -Chris R

“Tim put together a great presentation to my team on Influence. It was well received and a very interactive class discussion. Feedback scores and comments from attendees were positive. Highly recommend him for leadership education.”

-Ted S: Vice President

 Wells Fargo Mortgage